"The fundamental message of hate crime legislation is that if we lock more bad people up, we will be safer. Everything about our current law enforcement systems indicates that this is a false promise, and it’s a false promise that targets people of colour and poor people for caging and death while delivering large profits to white elites. Many might hope that queer and trans people would be unlikely to fall for this trick, since we have deep community histories and contemporary realities of experiencing police violence and violence in prisons and jails, and we know something about not trusting the cops. However, this is same ongoing experience of marginalisation makes some of us deeply crave recognition from systems and people we see as powerful or important."

Dean Spade - Their Laws Will Never Make Us Safer: an introduction to AGAINST EQUALITY: Prisons Will Not Protect You edited by Ryan Conrad

available in Spanish here.

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those are the been watching films of late

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Funeral Parade of Roses (Matsumoto, 1969) 

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Alice in the Cities (Wenders, 1974)

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Coming Out (Carow, 1989)

I saw this so long ago. Be warned it opens with a scene in a hospital emergency room after a suicide attempt.

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The Second Awakening of Christa Klages (Margarethe von Trotta, 1978)

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A short, New German Cinema documentary from the BBC called Signs of Vigorous Life (1976). Humphrey Burton, the presenter, looks like Garth Marenghi. Enjoy.

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World on a Wire (Fassbinder, 1973)

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the fallow
the fallo
the fall
the fa-

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when at work

sometimes i look over at praise for a while,
gaze until she senses me looking. when
she turns towards me, i do something very
obscene. she cracks up and turns back to
her work. she always looks back once more.

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I also hate the writing tips for poetry or fiction, and they’re these stupid ironclad tips that only serve to boost the writer’s ego. HATES DEM.

yes it’s the entire feel good you can write thing
like what’s wrong with treating it like a craft?
i get annoyed with that, but also from a teaching
writing perspective, i relate it to the problem with
so many literature teachers. they are lovers of
reading, lovers of writing. “i just want my students
to love reading/writing!” uh, no. 

i blame it on self-help lit in capitalism that has 
been marketed since the 90s as a creativity
thing. reading and writing are very much seen
as therapy. write to help your self. ties into your
comment about boosting ego. it’s crass, smh

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Rip Rig + Panic God (1981)

from discogs:

Evolving out of Bristol’s the Pop Group, Rip Rig And Panic was formed in 1981 as a conceptual musicians’ collective, taking its name from an album by Roland Kirk. The group’s prime movers were multi-instrumentalist and songwriter Gareth Sager, jazz trumpeter Don Cherry's step-daughter Neneh Cherry (b. Neneh Mariann Karlsson, 10 March 1964, Stockholm, Sweden; vocals), Cherry’s partner and drummerBruce SmithSean Oliver (d. March 1990; bass) and Mark Springer (3) (piano). Powerful and disturbing live, their playful, anarchic jazz-funk was well captured on the irreverent 1981 debut album God, which appeared as two 45 rpm discs, but was too radical for daytime airplay or significant sales. They performed at the first WOMAD festival in 1982 shortly before Cherry returned to Sweden to have her first baby. Sean Oliver’s sister Andrea temporarily took over vocals, and Louis Moholo joined on drums. The equally experimental second album, I Am Cold, appeared in 1982, followed by the more accessible Attitude in 1983. Unwilling to compromise further, but feeling the strain of constant innovation, they split in 1985, only to realign as the smaller outfit Float Up CP, and, briefly, God Mother And Country, before Cherry went on to a successful solo career, with Andrea Oliver contributing to some of her songs. Sean Oliver, who went on to co-write Terence Trent D’Arby's Wishing Well (The Cool In The Shade Mix), died of sickle-cell anaemia in 1990. Sager formed Head, while Springer released a solo album before going on to work on film and television soundtracks. He returned to solo recording with 1998’s Eye.

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(concepts or subjects)

(ideas or themes)
(poems or relations)

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almost every how to write an essay thing shared on tumblr by people who call themselves teachers and tutors is terrible. 

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there is a policeman hung with the guts of the last bureaucrat in your head and he must be realistic and demand the impossible

i read “hung” as “strung” and imagined a fine policeman guitar strung with the guts of the last bureaucrat, a guitar used for songs in e minor. fudge tunnel like. both realistic and impossible.

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